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Sunday school

Sunday school takes care of the spiritual development of the children of the church from their childhood by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ and His Church. During the Sunday school, Students are taught traditional prayers, Holy Bible, Qurbono songs ,Devotional songs, Stories etc. It makes the children to grow in faith and belief in Jesus Christ.

The Sunday school is conducting after the Holy Qurbono.

List of Sunday school teachers

  • 1.Alby Binel (Headmistress)

  • 2.Jinumol Cherian

  • 3.Beni Jinu Jacob

  • 4.Nimcy Jobu

  • 5.Asha Ajax

  • 6.Anila Sunil

Martha Mariyam Vanitha Samajam

Vanitha Samajam initiate the activities of the church like prayer meeting,family gathering,helping the sunday school teachers and cleaning the church and its premises after the holy Qurbono etc.

List of committee members

  • 1.Beni Jinu Jacob(Secretary)

  • 2.Jinumol Cherian

  • 3.Alby Binel

  • 4.Nimcy Jobu

  • 5.Asha Ajax

  • 6.Anila Sunil

Church Choir

The church Choir is helping the Vicar and Altar boys by singing beautiful songs during the Holy Qurbono.The church Choir is leading by Choir master and singers from the church.The church choir is an asset to the church as it help creating the necessary melodic environment required for the holy Qurbono.

  • 1.Priji (choir Master)

  • 2.Joby(singer)

  • 3.Jinumol(singer)

  • 4.Siji(Singer)